Just Check Me In…

I guess I’ve never posted about my back drama…this marks the 6th week of excruciating lower back/sciatic nerve pain for this Momma. I’ve been a vagabond moving from the bed to the couch to the floor to the chair just to keep from losing my mind. I’ve seen my chiropractor, physical therapist, done my stretching homework and just couldn’t take it. Every morning (without exaggeration) it takes me an average of 45 min to get out of bed…sliding inch by inch through tears to get to my stomach, then off the edge to my knees then to my feet and finally to a tearful stand. I moved to meds last week and tried the steroid pack but the results were not as wonderful as I hoped for. Today I finally got in for an MRI and the obvious is now a diagnosis. I have a ruptured L5 disk :(. When the doc asked me to lay on the table to check my spine…I cried. When he asked me if I was taking any pain meds…I cried. When I got off the table…I cried. When they asked me if I could lay on the MRI for 30 min…I cried. 6 weeks of emotions and trying to be tough finally caught up with me today. I think what did it for me though was when the doc said, “Would you like some narcotics cause I’ve dealt with this and its terrible!” I said tearfully, “Well, I’ve been dealing with it every day for 6 weeks and I have four kids so I can’t just check out on meds!”. Kris said, “I’ll have some.” My next move will be lumbar cortazone injuction on Friday morning. This can cause immediate relief or not work at all. Please pray that the shots will reduce infamation and take away the leg pain.

5 thoughts on “Just Check Me In…

  1. So sorry friend! I wish I could help you out… Parker would love to have the “tomato” brothers over, to give you a break! And, Savannah needs to get to know Miss Molly!!! I'll be praying for you! Miss U and luv U!


  2. Jen, I'm so sorry. How did you get this injury? I feel so bad for you. I'll be praying. Abby's boyfriend has a back injury from a rear end collision and he is also in a lot of pain for months now. You will be my back buddies on my prayer list.

    Kris!!! (Ha ha haahahaha!) Don't you E-ven.
    Love you guys,


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