surgery b4 summer…

8 weeks of back pain have gone by. This week will be my last injection before we talk surgery with the Doc. I am READY to get it over with and on to healing up and getting back in action! There are a series of trips that come along with being in Student Ministry and I don’t want to miss them. More importantly than those trips is the ONE week of family vacation we get to take to get away and just be us. This trip kicks off our summer and the boys are practically packing! I can’t ride in the car for longer than 20 min…so a 6 hour trip to Atlanta and then 4 more hours to the beach is not a possibility now. I am hoping to see the surgeon asap and talk about what needs to happen, the severity of it all and recovery time. After talking to other Doc friends and back patients, it looks like 4 to 5 weeks until full strength. I keep telling myself that emergency c-sections can’t be as bad as this disk fix!

One thought on “surgery b4 summer…

  1. As a way to try and encourage you, my mom had to have two surgeries, one when she was in her 20s and another last year for disc problems and both were big successes. Last year's incident was worse because she couldn't even stand up. After surgery, she was able to tell the excruciating pain was gone even as she was coming out of the anesthesia. She was back on her feet and trying to walk a mile a week later.


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