life’s gettin a little "shady"

Surgery is scheduled for Monday morning.

great news

nervous news

speaking of nerves

i’m on my last one

just when my pitty party cranks up

we get news of a death in the family

moms husband stepped into eternity

her heart is heavy

what will her next step be?

while nothing is a surprise to HIM

she could use some wisdom

tornado season fired up last night

mr. weather radio gave me a fright

pull out the creamer

fill up the pot

5 cups of coffee may hit the spot

creative writing we just did

talk of poo poo and pee pee

i have to forbid

they laughed their heads off

oh shoot, Keaton has a cough

this house is falling apart

maybe some therapy in the form of art?

time for recess, what shall we play?

hope it entertains for the rest of the day

i need more medication

and also a vacation.

life is gettin kinda shady

for this ruptured disk lady


10 thoughts on “life’s gettin a little "shady"

  1. Just thinking of you Jen. I keep checking your blog to see how things are. Life…sigh…I'm just going to try and pray love your way. Can't believe how much is hitting you all at once. So sorry. Hoping to have amanda and fam over tomorrow night. My little Eli is going to blow his top going through Bacon withdrawals! I can't let too much time pass by or he lets me know it! 🙂 Abyways, keep blogging after your surgery when you can so we can all keep tabs on ya.


  2. Thank you guys 🙂 I've been reading too many rhyming books to Mol…the caffine kicked in and out came my fabulous venting poem! Everyone needs to get in touch with their creative side ya know!?


  3. Hi, Jenn. I've never left a comment before but I have been reading about the fun life of the Howell Fam for a long time. We've never met but we do have friends in comman, Jennifer and Nicky Moore, they are my bro and sis-in-law.It's so funny how these blog things work; I feel like I know you but have never spoken to you at all. I choose to comment on this post because I wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you and your family as you deal with all God has given you. I hope that your back heals quickly!

    Kirstie McCormick


  4. Loved the creative writing! Hang in there, friend! I am praying for all of you… your back, your mom's heart, Keat's cough, peace for all! You are loved!


  5. ok with all that info I'm impressed that it rhymed!!!! Sorry about your loss. (You had me smiling at the weather. It's not time to panic yet, unless your van was out – the hail was the size of dimes!! yikes) And I can't believe you are having it on MONDAY!!! Wow that seems fast. Will you be 100% in time for all your summer plans? How long will you be at the hospital? Keep me posted.


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