My friend Betsy was over playing outside with the kids when the headache became unbearable. We called a few friends who zipped over in minutes. Kathy is my precious southern nurse friend who calls me “darlin”. Kelly also arrived on the scene and is the most sought after interior design woman in town. Two fantastically gifted women. Kris came home, I loaded up in the van with a nauseating headache in my pajamas and sunglasses. The last thing I heard before the car door shut was Kelly saying, “ go get better and I’m gonna do me some decoratin!” Kathy followed us to the hospital, sat with us in ER and kept Kris and I company. Two more hospital buddies came into our room and helped speed up the process. Chris (one of our youth leaders who does anaesthesia) and India who works in radiology. I was thanking God for the comfort he brought and the great care we received from these three friends. Chris pushed my bed to the floor where the blood patch was being done and stayed for the entire procedure..screaming and all. I tell ya, we have wonderful friends. After that was all done we came home to a block party at the Howells. Betsy was cleaning our home and feeding everyone. Kathy had left the hospital to come back to our house because she didn’t want to miss the surprise. Kelly had ran all over Jackson and pulled off an extreme makeover in our bedroom where I was spending my days! I will take a finished pic today and show ya’ll what she accomplished while we were at the ER.


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