Christ in me is to LIVE…to DIE is to gain?

This is a sone I’ve sung over and over since I was a little girl.
I kinda get it because doing life with Jesus is fully living and because of the hope we have in Him alone…dying is even better.
My last post was from our drama filled beach vacation. That stuff was all so small and meaningless when the flood of calls poured in on the night of May 4th.
One of our Senior students was in a tragic accident. He was shot accidentally by his best friend since Kindergarden…..unbelieveable…heartbreaking…nauseating…and all together a nightmare. Kris got to talk to Sam’s Mother just as he was being taken into surgery. She sounded hopeful. Moments later the text msg came from one of our Pastors…”he just crashed on the way to surgery” the next text said “they are massaging his heart” then came the text we did not want to open…”Sam Bomar has died”. We were sitting in front of Olive Garden. I was a crying disaster and Kris was fielding phone calls and trying to get a grip on what was going on 8 hours away.
We couldn’t believe it. Just days before his Senior prom, graduation and then Mother’s Day. We packed up the next day and headed home just in time for Sam’s visitation and then burial and memorial the next day. I will never forget the 5 hours of visitors that waited in line for hours to say goodbye to Sam and love on his family and friend who in a moment of accident, took the life of his buddy.
Sam was a great kid. Mr. Smartie pants was full of knowledge about stuff most of us don’t care about. He was an award winning debate partner and found great fun in arguing and stating his case with confidence! Sam spend Wed nights at our home and we got to see his heart and hope that he had in Christ. Sam sought God out, got his questions answered and dug deep for answers. Pray for his buddy Tyler as he sorts through the grief and guilt that will come when everything settles and gets quiet. Pray for his parents as the mourn the loss of their only child who they had huge hopes for. Pray for the students who have been touched by this tragedy. There is much vulnerability when life doesn’t make sense.
I will miss Sam walking through our front door, into the kitchen and find his place at the table with the gang to talk about life. I will miss the opportunities to show Him the love of Christ. I am confident that Sam is in the presence of God and all his questions about faith and life are answered with no debate. For Sam…Christ in him was to LIVE. In his death he as GAINED. I guess I like this song because it reminds me that life is not just about living our life. Even in the deep sadness of death…Sam has gained eternity in the presence of God!

3 thoughts on “Christ in me is to LIVE…to DIE is to gain?

  1. I was hoping to come read a new happy post about how your vacation ended perfectly! 🙂 Instead, I read such tragedy! I am so sorry for the loss of a great kid! You sure have had to handle a lot lately! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you handle this one also!


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