Defending the Fatherless

I am thrilled to announce that our Adoption and Orphan Ministry kicked off last Sunday! This team has been in the works this year and it was exciting to see a Sunday just for advocating adoption, foster care and orphan care. It come together beautifully. Donald, one of staff guys and Kris hung these sweet pics up in the foyer and they were so impacting! Each of these children were adopted into families in our community or are orphans waiting for a family. We are already hearing stories of how God used that Sunday to help families step off the edge of their fear and doubt and move forward in adoption. I hope to share with you many stories of children finding families here in Jackson.

4 thoughts on “Defending the Fatherless

  1. How awesome! I didn't realize Fellowship had started a ministry! I think that is just wonderful! I would love to hear more about it. We are still praying and seeking the Lord for the right timing and location. Sometimes I can get so discouraged thinking how will we ever afford it, but then I remember that is just Satan and the Lord will provide and we will once again be amazed how it all comes together in his perfect timing.


  2. Jen, that's so great! I hope you know that someday I'm going to want your help figuring out adoption stuff, Lord willing. So cool to see the way God has used the Howell's to encourage and challenge so many others in this particular way. Love you!


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