yes we bribe our kids

What can I say? It works when necessary. We had left the beach and were headed north to Tennessee…Roxy told us that we had 8ish hours to destination putting us at Fellowship Bible Church at 6:45pm with no stops. The catch was that we were trying to make it back for Sam’s visitation that ended at 7pm. Daddy called a family car meeting and made the big announcement (after asking me if he could bribe the kids). “Guys…here’s the deal. We need to be back at the church no later than 6:45 tonight. That means in the next 8 hours, we can only waste 20 min in stopping. If we can make it on time I will buy you a trampoline!” The car erupted with excitement and older boys telling little ones they better not make us stop. Then came the next announcement. “If we arrive at 6:30pm…Mommy gets a sun lounge chair!” Oh my goodness. My back. We did it. Only two 10 min stops the entire day. Our back yard now looks like the Family Fun Center down the street. We made the visitation which lasted till 9:30 pm. That just may have been the longest car ride ever.


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