trendy charity

Charity. Its needed. Its worldwide. Its local. Its devastating. Its overwhelming. Its beyond me, or you. Its a reality that cries, begs, waits, hopes, longs and wonders…when will it be my turn to receive? Personally, I am drawn to the needs of others and of the world. I love that there are people on this globe that give, go, serve, rescue and see the needs and meet them without reservation. The popularity of charity is through the roof right now. You name it…oil spill, Africa, recycle, Asia, disease, homeless or hungry.

Its trendy to take interest in the needs of the world right now. I love that people from all faiths can work together to make a difference but I have been wondering for a while when this “trend” will end? Louie Giglio spoke to that problem and helped to refocus the heart of Christians who also love to support these global needs. He spoke about how we can’t just give/serve for the sake of “charity”. He defined Charity as humans helping other humans in need and is both done by Christians an non-Christians alike. Eventually the coolness of TOMS, adoption, child sponsorship and giving will wear off and fade into the next trendy global cause or issue. He proposed that” Charity is only lasting when it is pure WORSHIP. Feelings of charity don’t get you very far…feelings just aren’t lasting like doing it for what thrills the heart of God.” I want to be a gal that not only is passionate about causes and realities but more than that…I want my motivation to be pure worship. I don’t want to be “cool” for adopting a baby or supporting a child or serving downtown…I want to please the Lord and point those in need to the God of the universe who is the only one who can fill the void.

“Worship is what you do your whole life…Everything I am is saying YES to God in EVERYTHING I can.”


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