epic production

I’m sure you’ve heard the comparison of our lives being lived out kinda like a movie…one of our talks at camp was about our role in Gods epic film. It hit me once again, that I get to have a role in history. Small role, but still important. I remember sitting in the room with 3000 others and thinking….WOW this life is absolutely not about me, or him or her or them or that church or our church! Its about God’s story for each of us all over the world. If I try and make my own “movie” starring ME in MY movie it would be a tiny blurp of the shortest commercial summed up for my entire life on earth. The good news is that God is using me where He chooses, how He wants to make my life count where I live. I mean there is no such thing as “my thing”….it never was my thing and never will be my life to live. When Christ was crucified he was saying “Father…Glorify Your Name!” That was His request. The message that night at camp was just that. Me, Jen Howell saying “Father…Glorify Your Name!” with my life, my family and my students in order that I fulfill my role in Gods epic production that will ultimately begin in eternity. I love how he pointed out that the script God is writing is not one huge part….but many small, little tiny parts that are scattered throughout the movie. I want my life to count for what matters!


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