oh…hello there baby lock

Sewing goes way back into my childhood. I had a “Holly Hobby” mini kids machine as a little girl that my Sis and I made doll clothes and Barbie furniture with. There are three generations of wonderful seamstress women in my family. My Grandma Virginia (which is where I got my name Jenny from) and my Momma Joyce (sewed all my dance dresses and wedding gown) who learned from her Mother and then there is my Sis Amanda who learned from no one cause she can just pick up anything and do it! I took advantage of the time I had with my Mom here and we dug out my sewing machine that she gave me years ago that only SHE has used when she visits me to make the kids cool stuff :). I was determined to get my sewing tutorial and make a shoulder bag. Step by step we worked through the pattern, cutting, sewing, ironing and piecing together. I will be doing lots of sewing this winter and hope to gain confidence in and then teach Molls how to sew. My excuse has long been “Mom and Sis can do it better so why learn?”. I’m over it now and am excited to get my stitch on. When we were almost done that night my Mom said, “Grandma can you believe this!”. I guess I finally figured out that I was wasting some sweet family heritage by being lazy.


One thought on “oh…hello there baby lock

  1. Jen, you are hardly lazy. It is just a matter of experience like anything in life we become good at it with experience. Love you MOM Great job on the bag.


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