Headin West!

Today begins our final adventure for the summer! The kids and I are flying to Oregon to hang out with my Mom, Brother, Sis in Law and new Nephew :). 10 days in some mountains, lakes and new towns for us. We wish Daddy could come but hopefully he will be packing and painting. As soon as we get the go from our buyer…we are moving down the road to an older but still beautiful home with much more room to run and play! For now, we have a plane to catch!


One thought on “Headin West!

  1. WOW – I need to get caught up. BAD Friend am I. Have a great trip. Can't wait to find out about this move. Wish we could get more room, but that's not what God has planned for us right now. Oh well. Call me when you get home. I've got to find out your secret to homeschooling all your different ages. I am going to need a lot of help this year. YIKES. 4 kids. Haven't bought curriculum. Double Yikes. Don't have a plan. Triple Yikes.!!! I suddenly feel like I am back in college & procrastination has taken over my life. LOL


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