WARNING: Broken Arm Pic

Sunday, August 8th was the day of Keaton’s nasty broken arm. Pancakes had been eaten, cousins were hanging out in the garage where their “Cousin Camp” tent and clubhouse was. The Ipod was kicking a serious beat out there and they were getting their “break dance” on! I peeked in there a few times just to watch because they were hilarious. Morgan was into the dramatics of it all, Drew and Gavin were busting their wild moves and Keaton…well he was spinning, jumping and throwing his body all over the place but he was on the ground so I wasn’t worried. Minutes later the screams came. Hysterical kids yelling from the Cousin Camp Clubhouse. Mom dialed 911 before I even saw the brake. Keat came in pale and in shock saying, “I love you Momma, I’m so sorry Momma, I love YOU!!!!” That began our 11 hour ER trip with 1 surgery procedure to straighten then x ray and then another 1 1/2 hour surgery to pin the bones. We stayed in Pediatrics for 2 hours, watched some Disney and ate Mac n Cheese with Uncle Sean. It was an emotionally exhausting day being out of state with Daddy at home in Tennessee but thankfully we happened to be with 15 family members :). My Brother Sean was all loaded up and ready to drive back to S.F. when the accident happened. He and Vanessa graciously stayed an extra day and night so Sean could be with me and Keat at the hospital. We made up for a lot of lost time and emotions together. It had been a very LONG time since I spent meaningful time with Sean. I hate that it took Keaton’s surgery to make it happen but I wouldn’t trade working through that day together. It turns out that Keaton was trying a back-hand-spring on the concrete…something he just learned on the trampoline….He said to the Dr..”I was just feeling so pumped up with my cousins, I just knew I could land it.”. Lesson learned the hard, painful way.


2 thoughts on “WARNING: Broken Arm Pic

  1. OUCH!!! It hurts me to look at that. WOW. After seeing that made me want to go feed my boys extra calcium!!!! (does ice cream count. LOL)
    I remember when our pediatrician talked us into getting Aflac because we had “the boys.”
    Hope that cast comes off before the pool closes for the summer.
    Any news on the move? Will you guys be at the meeting Saturday? If not, we need to get together to chat. Miss y'all.


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