Howell 6 & Whittaker 5

I “met” Heather on her blog a few years ago while searching for Korean adoption stuff. I got the scoop on Korea, Holt and adjusting to life with a little one from another country! They let us crash at their house for a night 2 summers ago and this time the privilege was ours! The Whittaker fam rolled in for a layover on their trip cross country from CA to NC. So what do you do with the Whittakers?
Welcome Whittakers
Eat dinner
let kids swim at 9pm
take in Losiah and Molly cuteness
relax and chat
talk music and ministry
watch Cosby Show
find house ideas with H (new fav blog
locate a few home school resources for H
load up
more loading up
parting pics


2 thoughts on “Howell 6 & Whittaker 5

  1. this is so random! 🙂 I started reading the Whittaker Woman blog a long time ago! But couldn't never figure out I ran across her blog! How funny to open your blog and see a picture of her! 🙂 At least now I know how I found her blog!


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