for the sake of documenting….

I would like to remember that tonight, September 8th 2010….instead of doing youth group we loaded 50 High School students and leaders up and emptied the Howell residence in 1 hour.

Emptied drawers, cabinets, took apart 2 sets of bunk beds, cleared attic, moved couches, removed all decor, pics, and toys and loaded into a 26 foot UHAUL. It is 1:30 am and I am wondering if our buyer is actually going to show up at closing tomorrow at 4pm.

This deal has been shady from the start…3 months of waiting on his loan. Its finally clear and now he doesn’t think he wants our house. Unbelievable. I hope that tomorrow night when I read this I will be unloading the UHAUL at our hew home. We are content to stay and have wanted God’s best for our family this whole time….our lives and family are not about the “house” we live in so its really okay if it doesn’t work out. BUT NOW OUR HOME IS IN THE TRUCK!!!!

Pray with us as we wait and trust for whatever happens tomorrow and that somehow our buyer will have seen some glimpses of patience, humility and kindness in this whole messy deal. Reporting live and exhausted from our home for the past 3 years….


One thought on “for the sake of documenting….

  1. Oh sis, this is AMAZING that youth group night was spent packing up your house!!! I'm praying Mr. McShady follows through today… and you get to move into your new house! I've appreciated your patience and your contentment with your current house so much, praying God's perfect will for you all.


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