stella & addie/thoughts on twins

We grew from being a family of 6 to 9 this weekend! We had the priviledge of watching our friends John and Shannon’s sweet girls. Stella and Addie just turned 1 and big Sis C.H. came too for a day!

I always wanted twins…these girls confirmed two things in my heart this weekend. Twins are INCREDIBLE. Both so different but one thing is the same…. the LOVE they have for each other. They are each others comfort both in laughter and in screaming!

I also learned that while having twins may seem glamorous and so very cool. It is hard work. Double time, all the time with no down time. I was reminded what a difference it makes when you have grown kiddos to help out! We had a brother around every corner, reserving a baby to play with!

I got to watch Shannon and John love these babies through many restless nights and days. Non-stop feedings, diapers, cuddles, naptimes wtih help to make it through the week. They made it through the first year with these sweet bundles and look how happy and loved they are! Molly was such a big Sissy. She filled her helper role beautifully with only one jealous moment :). Thanks for sharing these gifts with us guys! You are raising sweet “littles” and the hard work is soon to become great fun!


One thought on “stella & addie/thoughts on twins

  1. F-U-N!!! I've always dreamed of having twins. We were even hoping our adoption road would lead us to a set of sweet littles. Now with baby waiting to be born; however, I think we'll be looking for a single little as we cruise the adoption train. 🙂 Watch–baby waiting to be born will be babIES waiting!


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