ceremonial ponytails/sprouts

This was our first week of “ponytails”. Molly has hair envy. She always plays with my hair and her buddies hair. She asks me to braid her hair every day. While at target she asked to get ponytails. Every morning this week, she brought me two tiny rubber bands and said, “Momma, please fix my hair.” And now the journey of brushing, screaming and tangles begins….although she still barely had enough hair to brush, we pretend like it is a huge deal. The Korean church gals told me that they shave baby girls hair off when they are 2, so it will grow thick and long and beautiful. NO WAY. Can’t do it. For now, sprouts.


4 thoughts on “ceremonial ponytails/sprouts

  1. Adorable sprouts! I feel your pain. My boys hair grows like a weed but not my little girley! I can just barely give her ponytails but she's always left with a mullet due, in the back! Someone, also told me to shave her head… agreed… can't do it! Molly, you are so precious, I love that she asks for her hair to be done!


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