5 Favorite Words | Homeschool Life

I gave the boys a little writing assignment this week. The directions said, “if all the words in the world were going to be destroyed except five, which five words would you keep? List the words and write a sentence to tell why you would keep each one.”

1. Yo yo
You are good with that yo yo!
2. Basketball
Do you want to go watch a basketball game?
3. Eat
When are we going to eat?
4. Swimming
Can I go swimming?
5. Please
Please can we get a dog?

1. Spaz
Peyton is a spaz.
2. Yes
Yes I want a dog.
3. Present
Happy birthday! Here is your present!
I love oranges!
5. Good
Good job Keaton!

Somedays they make me crazy, but most days they make me laugh! Blessings over all the Mommas trying to teach their little people today.


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