the balance

Heard a quote this week from our Moms study group that helps me remember to carefully balance my life and time.
“We say “no” when we say “yes” too many times.”
We say no to the things that matter most and are right in front of us needing our attention and love. There are always things that we could say yes too. Lots of very good, beneficial things..but just because you are asked, doesn’t mean you are the woman for the job! A friend who is also in Student Ministry and I had a good chat yesterday about all the needs kids and families have. These needs don’t stop when graduation comes, in fact they usually intensify! I need to remember that sometimes the relationships presented are for me to pour into…other times they are not. Its okay to say no and by doing so I really am saying YES to balance.


One thought on “the balance

  1. This isn't very eloquent, but for years I've been saying,

    “When I say 'yes' to one thing, I am also saying 'no' to another.”

    That's an epiphany (to me, anyway) that the Lord revealed to me. We cannot do it all, but He can help us prioritize.


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