house becoming home

Two of my favorite Christmas gifts were getting these family fav’s printed ( is cheap and awesome for canvas and double mat mounts) and framed for our family room! I love rearranging what we have to change up a room. I’m a sucker for rearranging anything. My husband “loves” it. Next, I hope to add some fun color and odds and ends furniture! Homemaking is a blast…when everything else is clean and in order :).


6 thoughts on “house becoming home

  1. Jenny, it's so fun to see how your style has progressed since your first home (that I knew and loved and visited) in AK. You've got awesome tastes and ideas. I just want a picture tour through every area of your house. 🙂 I can't wait for the day when I have a home (if the Lord allows) to paint and make my own. I do miss that about apartment living. Thanks for the pictures.


  2. Thanks gals! Really, some fresh paint and moving things around keeps me interested in making things fresh. I get bored and then inspired. It's a dangerous cycle. I would lovvvve to come over Jess!


  3. sigh. I need you to come over and rearrange! I do NOT have a knack for this sort of thing–AT ALL–and yet I'm very affected by my surroundings. Right now it's not pretty. 🙂 Anyway…your house looks great. So inviting; makes me want to drop over for a coffee and a chat!


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