My 4 Investments

I was recently reviewing one of my “Mom” studies just to stay fresh on some of the thoughts. I am slowly learning how to love each of my kids where they are, on their level, meeting their emotional needs. Its tough. It doesnt always happen the way it should and often times looks messy. BUT as I learn their differences and try and Mother them I also am learning simularities. All four of them desire my attention and time…it just looks different for each one. It can be overwhelming to try and make sure they are all feeling encouraged, loved and important. Something I took from our study was to make sure my kids feel acceptance, as well as affirmation and affection.
I try and acccomlish this by the
MESSAGE: “I am loved for who I am, not just what I do”
and the
METHOD: hugs and kisses and focused attention.

If I can say at the end of the day that I have a pretty good idea of what the condition of their heart is and where they are emotionally…then I have taken time to be in their lives that day. I have found that in the 11 years of parenting (GOSH IM OLD) that this doesnt just happen…especially if you have several kids! I have to be on my Mom game to make sure my kids are not only feeling the love of Christ from me each day but seeing it through the importance of time invested.


4 thoughts on “My 4 Investments

  1. Thanks for the post, Jen! And, yeah. OLD…my little boy is going to be 14 in just five short months. But thankfully, I don't feel old enough to have such big kiddos. 😉
    I love how you mentioned that this important stuff doesn't just “happen”. It has to be intentional.
    What study were you referring to?


  2. Thanks Jen for sharing that! I also needed to hear that. So easy for me some days to just plug away. I need to be more “in the moment” ~ meeting the boys where they are!!! Thanks for the reminder.


  3. First – great post. I needed to hear that today. Second – coming from a Mama with an almost 13 year old (who reminds me daily he's fixing to be a teenager & wants 2 learn 2 drive – YIKES) YOU ARE NOT OLD. That would be me!!!!!
    You are doing a great job. Your kids delight in you & sing your praises & are an amazing witness for Him. Keep up the good work.


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