sadness mixed with hope

We got to spend valentines afternoon with my buddy Carly and Moll’s BFF Andi 🙂 Cut, baked and decorated some delicious cookies with our kiddos! That was a fun day! The next day was not so fun. Carly got news that she had miscarried a precious little one at 20 weeks. Her and her husband have had a rough week of sadness mixed with hope. They trust God and his sovereignty completely but it still is awful to have that little son not with them. It has been so sad but encouraging to watch these guys honor Christ, beg for his grace and healing and wade through the grief together. Will you blog friends pray for Carly and Jason?


One thought on “sadness mixed with hope

  1. Oh my goodness…that breaks my heart! That is just about where I am…a week shy of 20. I'll be praying and my heart just aches for them. So thankful they know the Savior who carries us through these trials.


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