Sun/Snorkle/Sail/Sweedish Friends

We took a day cruise on a Catamaran called the “Getaway”. Could it get any more perfect? We cruised out to a beautiful island with Carribean blue waters and a white beach :). Carribean tunes came from each boat and we heard every language possible in those couple of hours! Just on our boat alone was Spanish, Indian, Chinese and…..Tennessian. We even had the priviledge of hearing a Sweedish couple call out in their best accent as they ran down the beach with video camera in tow…”THEY ARE BLOWING THE HORN AND WE ARE NOT ON THE BOAT! HAHAHA” ..ask Kris, he does this well. We ate lunch there and then cruised over to another small island with a beautiful reef. It was a great day of sailing, meeting new friends and getting a great sunburn. Thanks to Captain Rafi for a true Puerto Rican experience! I was only a little afraid of being attacked by a shark…


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