Grammys Gift of Time

If you follow this blog, you know that I have a Rockstar for a Mom. There are a ton of things I appriciate about her but the one that means the most to me is her willingness to make time and room for her family. She hasn’t missed a beat of our lives. Between my Sis, Brother and I and all that we have going on. She lives in a different state than all 3 of us but desires to be available whenever we need her. She not only was at the birth of all three of our boys and came during our trip to Korea to adopt Molly but Mom as been coming to stay with our kids while Kris and I take summer youth trips for the past 9 years. EVERY SUMMER. SHE COMES. SHE LOVES IT. THEY LOVE IT. We get to leave and do ministry without worry while she devotes time and memories to our family. I don’t know many other Moms who would actually enjoy this, or could set aside schedules to make it happen. I am spoiled and I realize this is not normal :). Mom has also come for our 10th anniversary trip to Hawaii 5 years ago and she was just here for our 15th! I would not be able to be involved with Kris in student ministry if it wasnt for her serving us in this way. Thank you Grammy for your obedience in serving us so we can serve others. The role you have in helping us with students and allowing us to get away as a couple has strengthened our ministry and marriage. You are a blessing. We love you!!!!


One thought on “Grammys Gift of Time

  1. I love this post about your amazing mama! You are right…she is incredible and such a servant…waay back to when she was making your prom and wedding dresses I knew this. 🙂 And Jen…I totally had to do a double-take b/c the picture of Molly in the sunglasses totally looked like Zach to me for a second. SO COOL! Her hair and skin color and round face is what did it. 🙂


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