Howell Elem Happenings

I had the privilege of spending a morning at a local Elementary school to help with testing. I watched the students closely and learned so much about each ones ability, confidence and learning style. The teacher asked me why I home schooled and how could I possibly teach to 4 different levels all together… I was able to remind her that she does the same thing! Just in the back two rows of her 2nd grade class, there were students on every level. Smarty pants who missed nothing on the test. Discouraged girl who missed every problem. Confused girl who didn’t understand subtraction but could do any problem with visual graphs. Mr. Trouble up front with a teacher made sign that said, “Pay ATTENTION and GET BACK TO WORK!” who guessed on every problem unless I reminded him to work it out. It was so fun to be in the challenge of a big class with so many needs.

While we celebrate spring at Howell Elem…we are also antsy to be out in it! These last few weeks will be filled with finishing our Math and lots of outside projects. Moving school outdoors is in the best interest of both students and teacher. You see…when school begins, the first question that is asked is, “Hey Momma, when can we swim?” While I love this question (because no question is a bad question at our school haha) I aslo get frustrated. Growing up in public school, I remember how at the end of the year the teachers and students were both checked out! We set out to survive and have fun till field day arrived. The day of signing t shirts and autograph books is one of my favorite memories. SO I am trying my best to roll with the rush to get work done because the outdoors is screaming through the windows. I am working to create fun artsy projects that get us all spring ready. I am hoping to capitalize on teachable moments like our little critter visitor, Mr. Possum who showed up in our garbage can duing the week we were studying Beatrix Potter! It was a perfect opportunity for Keaton to grab on to the Potter way of adopting a critter, sketching it and placing it into a story. He did just that for an entire day. These are the days that go best. When my agenda doesn’t outweigh the life that is happening in front of us during each hour. When I can be a wise teacher and see the importance of feeding my sons learning style while getting to enjoy his love for creating and writing. So the countdown begins until our field day! Hopefully the rest of the week will prove to be fun and worth all our time, since this morning was a complete joke on my part. I am learning that if I don’t have a great plan in place, I can not expect great results and attitudes from my kids!


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