Patio Party Series…4 Goodbye Ellen. For now…

I knew it was coming. I clearly was in denial. Ellen has been my tight buddy since we moved here. She was a student at Union University who came to Fellowship and devoted her time and creativity to Student Ministry with us. I had the pleasure of sharing a small group with her for the past 3 years. She was/is a very close part of the Howell family. Molls, Zach, Keat, Peyt, Kris and I love her dearly. Not only did we get to share lessons and activities with students together but we did life together. Good days, horrible days and whatever else came between. I loved how she felt comfortable to just come hang with me. She listened, shared and laughed with me/us. We got to take many memorable trips together. Ellen has many gifts. Our personal favorite is the way she makes us laugh. A very close second is the way this girl can dance! We got to host her party for friends and families. One of the best parts of getting to know college kids, is the families that come along with them. Ellies parents have come to Jackson from Kentucky several times and we have got to spend time with them. They also are family. Ellen will pursue dancing and training this summer which could lead to a zillion choices for her. She is degreed in P.R. but has a huge heart for inner city kids and ministry of every type. We can not wait to watch her story continue to unfold but will miss the day in, day out JOY that this girl has given to our family. Thank you Ellen. Thank you Steve and Anita for sharing such a beautiful woman you call daughter with the Howells. YOu all are loved.


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