Double Wedding for BFF’S?

Ever since the Royal wedding…Molly has been obsessed with being a bride. She asks daily to wear her “wedding dress” which is the pink puffy one. My friend Hannah was over after a party and she make Molls a veil and bouquet of flowers out of tulle! Molls LOVED the long veil since she doesn’t have much hair :). The next morning my buddy Carly delivered some delicious coffee and muffins the the Howells. Our daughters played “wedding” in all their adorableness. The wedding walk was practiced nice and slowly. They posed for pics and asked us to smell the flowers. This Mom cant help but to fast forward to her big day. A day surrounded by a crowd of brothers remembering back to the day when their 9 month old Sister arrived home from Korea. Who knows…maybe Molls and Andi will allow Carly and I the pleasure of hosting a double wedding! Oh the drama, oh the cuteness. For now, we shall stick to tulle made veils and boquets.


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