Patio Party Series…5 Staff Lunch Date

We had a “thank you” lunch for Liz who has been loving and leading our Fellowship Kids Ministry these past 3 years. Not only is she creative in leading kids to Christ through lessons that are impacting and fun, but she also is passionate about the globe and the orphan crisis. Liz has headed up our Orphan Care and Adoption Ministry team and many families are now connected and gaining insight on what they can do to make a difference. We appriciate Liz and her mission focused heart. Our own kids have grown in their concept for the needs around the world because of her desire for children to step in and love others both locally and far off.

The best part of the story is that Liz is stepping down so that she can better Mother her kiddos! She has two beautiful and FUN college daughters and now 3 younger ones at home. The three youngest are blessings of adoption. The most recent family cutie is home from Hong Kong just over a year and will benefit greatly from her time :). I love how Fellowship did whatever was needed so that she could be comfortable at the office with the kids and the needs they had. I also love that she saw that for now…she needed to give them more. We still get to have her around and that is also a huge blessing. We love the entire Coley clan!


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