Korean War Memorial and the Orphan

Molly made a visit to the Korean War Memorial. It wasn’t significant just because she was born in Korea, although that in itself is very cool. The history of adoption and Korea track back to the Korean War and the children that were orphaned because of it. A man named Harry Holt and his wife adopted over 10 children out of the country and brought them to the states to have a fresh start at life. Since the Korean War, children have been coming home to families and our daughter is one of them. Molly’s homecoming to TN also one of the rare exceptions to adoption policy that has been made since the Korean War! What do you tell a 3 year old about war? I told her that lots of soldiers went to Korea to help fight a battle so that the Korean people could be free and happy. She said, “OHHHHHH like me!” So we honored those Americans and Koreans and remembered the orphans that came home and still are from Korea.


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