naming grace moments

One Thousand Gifts. The book I am working through that Kris got me at the start of summer whose note in the front reads,
“Hey Baby! Add this book to your 2011 poolside reading list:). I am grateful for the opportunity to do life together with you! You are a gift. Love, Kris”

I have been reading the authors blog for a while now and love IT. If you read the blog you get curious about the book so I began the read. It is a slow, deep, full, intricate, descriptive and thought provoking story. I am only on chapter 3! This book by far has the most underlining of any book I’ve worked through!

The author comes to realize through a series of though life events that “the holy grail of joy is not in some exotic location or emotional mountain peak experience. The joy wonder could be here!” She begins a journey of writing down 1000 gifts that she has in her life, not wants but has. She shares, “The act of naming grace moments this list of God’s gifts moves beyond the shopping list variety of prayer and into other side. The interior of his powerful, love-beating heart. The list is God’s list, the pulse of His love…”

I have stepped into the community of readers who are naming grace moments. Looking forward to reading these over the next several months. It has been such a refining and growing process just these past few days to recognize the joy that can be mine in the tiny things of my life.
1.blooms falling from trees, landing in morning coffee.
2.criss cross watermelon swimsuit
3. back porch devo conversations
4. Deep brown almond eyes
5. fresh scent of clean kitchen
6. words of scripture that pierce and heal altogether
7. husband playing with 4 kids on summer night
8. little boy hands eating corn on cob
9.laughter at dinner table
10. peace of forgiveness, hugs that seal the deal
11. conflict that refines
12. reading letters from long ago
13. photos that tell a story
14. little sissy serving tea
15. boys deep into great books
16. pot of coffee brewing
17. company of a good friend
18. the flicker of candlelight


One thought on “naming grace moments

  1. I love this…what a wonderful idea. How many little blessings from God do we miss because we are too busy focusing on the “big picture.” Maybe that is how we lose the peace that is promised to us? Thanks for the post, I may have to copy you!


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