19. hearing sisters voice

Looking for the moments is growing in me! I do love how when I am aware of the sweet minute by minute of my day, time slows down. It does. I am the queen of moving through the day to get to the next thing on our family schedule. Wake, cartoons, breakfast, family porch mtg, chore party, pool, lunch, quiet read, snacks, pool, tidy up for Dad, dinner, play, bed. In that list of order are a thousand gifts if I really took notice. So today I catch a few more moments of thanks…

19. hearing sisters voice
had a great two part chat with Sis in Alaska today. I miss her and her fam. We talk like we are still neighbors.

20. thunder crackling in pink clouds
Non threatening storms are wonderful.

21. Isles full of school supplies that inspire
I am still in elementary school every fall. I heart school supplies.

22. Husband and Son making dinner plans and texting me the grocery list
Love that my man is following through with a desire that Zach has to learn to cook.


One thought on “19. hearing sisters voice

  1. Hey Jen. Enjoy reading your lists of thanks. I've been doing a book study this winter and reading Ann's book as well. It's slowing me down! Love it too! On chapter 10.


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