23. daisies transported & transplanted & loved

Its not easy to see the good sometimes. Other times its all I see! This learning to recognize daily gifts is a rhythm I am trying to get better at. If you are anything like me, gloomy days settle in and become cloudy even when the sun is shining. I’ve been asking God to show me His JOY in sadness, HIS love is disappointment and mostly HIS grace in my sinful heart. He is busy at work to make all things new and I fully trust His plan in His time with His style. My buddy Ellen’s Mom dug up these daisies for me from her garden in Kentucky. Ellen drove them to Jackson to my front steps. I quickly dug holes for them, planted, watered and watched. At first I didn’t see them growing…it took time and some lovin. So my list continues with…

23. Daisies transported, transplanted and loved.
24. My Man teaching my little men how to mow grass.
25. Family pool relay races and splashes.
26. Sibling disappointments then hugs that forgive.
27. Piles of school work from a year gone by.
28. The Husbands home improvement for me 🙂
29. Finding baby dolls swaddled in blankies.
30. Neighborhood walks as night falls.


One thought on “23. daisies transported & transplanted & loved

  1. Thanks for this Jen. I've been feeling a bit gloomy lately too and I need the reminder to ask God to show me his joy, love, and grace…
    You have such a beautiful family 🙂


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