I asked them…

At Summers start I asked our 3 boys what they wanted to learn during our 3 month break. Zach tried to be funny and announced that he wanted to get some experience with sleeping in past 10, laying around, and swimming all day. I rephrased my question. What is something that we didn’t do very much during the school year that you want to get better at that involves a new skill?

Zach answered with COOKING! “I want to find recipes, get the stuff and plan out dinner!” Keat tagged onto that idea with “I want to bake desserts!” Peyt stayed on the book smart side of the fence and wanted to study ocean life, write stories and draw pictures. Kris has taken the lead and helps Zach look up dinners to cook on Friday. Zach texts me the ingredients while I’m out and they guys have dinner under control! Keat has made some fun, yummy desserts including this homemade chocolate cream pie! It was the real deal. Molly wanted to take care of her babies and paint nails. We are also staying on top of her summer wish list.

The moral of the story is not that we are super great. The truthful bottom line is that it doesn’t take much to make a fun summer memory with your kids! At home, in the kitchen, in the yard, cleaning windows while rocking out, board games, a great book with snacks, nature walk for collecting…just a few we’ve spent time on. If you need inspiration, ask your kids what sounds fun! Chances are you have everything you need for a last minute party under the kitchen table! Here’s to the last weeks of summer :).


One thought on “I asked them…

  1. Cooking is ALWAYS the answer in our family! And not having to cook dinner is lovely for the Momma! ;)Mine really love cooking breakfast. Eggs, pancakes and such.


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