rocks & sharpies

Having girls gather during their summer afternoon to read, relate and chat has been so sweet. We’ve been doing a book study about Hannah from 1 Samuel called Hannah’s One Wish by Kelly Minter!

Her story relates directly to yours and mine on too many levels to count! Early in our study we did a chapter about forgiveness. In order for Hannah’s relationship with her God to not be hindered…she had to let go of bitterness and truly forgive the person that was hurting her.

Have you ever found yourself either holding onto sin and not offering forgiveness like Jesus commands us too OR getting stuck in pride and just not willing to apologize because we are right…(sound familiar?) we block God out until reconciliation has taken place.

This particular afternoon at the back porch study, we talked about sin and how it hurts us, others and our closeness with God. We decided to name a person in our lives that we needed to forgive or apologize too, write that name on a rock and throw it deep into the woods.

It was a beautiful moment to feel the freedom in letting go and allowing God His rightful place in our lives… Our Authority and the only One able to restore our joy back to its fullness.

Grab a rock and a sharpie…it may not erase the pain or solve the issue but it is a beautiful first step in surrender.


2 thoughts on “rocks & sharpies

  1. Rocks can be such powerful tools to teach with! My favorite “rock thing” this summer was when our family sat on the beach in Prince William Sound and wrote what we were thankful for. No sharpies on the boat, so we used other rocks to scratch out our thanks. Ann Voskamp inspired!


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