definitely declaring..

Still counting/naming gifts over here at Nighthowells. Time stands still when I am looking for God in the short moments. The moments that don’t last long. In sunsets that change color with each step on our neighborhood walk. I wanted to get up in a plane and see the horizon…what clouds were so perfectly blocking the sun to cause the rays to pierce the sky that night? Not sure, but for me that night it was a gift that my eyes needed to take in.

35. sunsets rays filling the night sky!
36. bare feet pitter patters
37. fresh rainfall
38. stopping to listen to my kids…
39. teaching Peyt to read
40. loud kitchen music


6 thoughts on “definitely declaring..

  1. Wow, that sky is just amazing!!! I wouldn't have believed these were your photos had I not seen a (Zach?) in them – wowza! The heavens declare the glory of God!!!


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