spiced up school space

I’ve had my eyes on this palette bed for a year on Ashleyannphotography.com! This month I am in full swing getting our school space fresh and orderly. Books are being shelved, art supplies are sorted, and we all await the fresh boxes of crayons and markers! We have a small office space upstairs that has quickly become the junk/play room. You know, the room that can remain a disaster at all times and no one cares? My hopes are for that space to be spiced up with some bright paint, a palate reading bed, fun lighting, drawing table and reading retreat. I think I will do this entire room using Goodwill as my store of choice. I am looking for a single mattress or futon mattress though if anyone has one they would like to add to the cause! Now that I have a middle schooler who loves his own learning space and is doing a Math with DVD instruction…this room will become our best friend. Here is to a long to-do list.


One thought on “spiced up school space

  1. Oh my that is the coolest thing I have seen in a long while…I may have to copy your copy! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope your decorating goes well, and I too love Goodwill!


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