Day 1 of Year 8 @ Howell School

The Howell School is entering its 8th year of educating little lives together, family style. 8 years ago Zachy was in Kindergarden and Keaton was pulling everything off his desk. I remember using the couch as a baby gate in Alaska to keep little baby Keat lovingly destroying Zachy’s works of art! Keaton quickly became our second student always so proud of his work and especially excited about GLUE. Next, Peyton Jeffery entered the scene and we then had two elementary student brothers learning days of the week and months of the year and another baby to keep our day extra busy and full of messy suprises!

This morning we began our day out on the porch reading our Bible story and writing in “thankful” journals. After the coffee was brewed we made our way up the staircase. As I climbed each step…I prayed “God help me, teach me, grow me into the Mother and Teacher YOU need me to be for these children. Inspire me as you inspire them to seek out beauty, to dig deep into information, to find joy in watching our kids discover and accomplish. Please God, keep my eyes focused on what really matters this year. YOU and how much more you love these kids than I do.” I meant each word and I need help to not be selfish with my days.

We had a fantastic nature walk and brought home quite the collection of feathers, nuts, and leaves. Molly Howell is now a pre-k student at the Howell School. She called me teacher all day, raised her little hand, and told me I was the best teacher in the world. It was a sweet start to year 8.


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