the bridge to her story

For years the sign went unnoticed. As our adoption process came closer to becoming a reality for our family, I began to look into places where we could take our soon to be Korean daughter. Places where she could hear her birth language, eat Korean food, and be surrounded by familiar people who treasured the land she was born in.
I clearly remember writing an essay for our adoption agency as part of our acceptance of Sissy’s referral. I typed out heartfelt, tear filled words about how we would be devoted to embracing her culture. As I wrote those words, I hoped that we could actually pull off that desire.

The sign that we passed by daily and the woman we would soon meet became a beautiful connection for our daughter and her heritage journey. The Korean Community met weekly and the little white sign in another language is now the bridge to her life story. Sunday afternoons we are welcomed for the Korean lunch gathering with open arms and Korean conversation for our sweet girl. The moment I put my arms around Mrs. Lee’s neck I realized that the importance of this relationship was going to mean the world to Sissy.

If it weren’t for us trying to make cultural connection for the healthy growth of our daughter, I may have never experienced a friendship with a Korean woman who barely speaks English. Now Molly has been home for 3 years and Mrs. Lee finds great joy in cooking for Molly and teaching us Korean! The hope I saw in this woman’s eyes have become a beautiful partnership that we seek to deepen and learn from. Mrs. Lee encourages me as I Mother Sissy and takes great pride in our desire to keep Korea in Molly’s story.


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