not for the shout out

He pulls out Dad’s tool bag from the laundry room as if he is unlocking a safe. What is it about tools anyway? I remember my Dad being extra cautious about who touched his tools. Funny…anyway the Princess pink bike in the garage sports a set of training wheels that Keaton just can’t wait to take off. In fact he has removed them several times and put them back on after mini lessons with his little Sister. I’ve watched him learn how to ride at age 2. Not just ride but go over jumps within minutes of mastering 2 wheels! Then he was off to teach the neighborhood girls.

He coaches, cheers, reassures, and celebrates with his training wheel students. His determination to see another make it, succeed or accomplish isnt really the best part about this boy’s heart.

The beauty in this is the fact that he finds pure JOY in helping another. Not for the shout out, the fame, the bragging rights or the resume of service but the JOY that he gets out of celebrating with another, a milestone in life.

The tools dont always get put away, right away like all Dads would prefer but there is nothing more precious in a garage than 2 pink training wheels in a pile of bolts, screws and tools with a little bike no where in sight.

Keaton Howell your patience and determination to serve for pure JOY is a great example for me….for all of us.


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