81. field of white

Molly and I had a girls date this weekend. Just the two of us for two hours…pure preciousness. She slung her Momma purse over her shoulder as we walked out the front door making sure ALLLL the boys could hear, “Bye boys! We are having GIRL time!”

First stop…Starbucks. We order. “One Salted Caramel Mocha and one kids Hot Chocolate please.” She pics our seat. First the table and chairs for two, but it wasn’t quite the feel she wanted. We moved. Two leather chairs in the corner, one for me and the other for her tiny little self. She scooted to the edge of the chair that was swallowing her up and said to me holding her kid sized cup, “So, how was yours day?” I smile and kiss her little nose. “My day is going great! Especially since I get to spend time with just you.” She agrees with my statement and says, “Yea, I know…this is special Momma.”

The place is filling up fast with people placing orders, reading newspapers, and chatting over mochas. She moves over to my chair and sits on the arm and begins to play with my hair. I soak up every second of looking into those dark almond eyes. She has been home for nearly 3 years and the wait of her joining our family and the years we have with this daughter STILL move me in those moments. Our noses touch and we play the no blinking staring game…and I say to her, “I cant believe God picked you to be our baby girl! I am so thankful because you are exactly what we prayed for the entire 4 years we hoped for you.” She replies with confidence, “Yea, I know. You guys missed me when I was in Korea.” Shes right, we ached for her.

We take the last sip of our warm treats and plan out our next stop on the girl time train. She is her Mommy’s girl, so naturally the next logical stop would be Target. For one dollar we order popcorn, walk up and down every isle enjoying fall and all the seasonal fun. A trip to Target must include trying on shoes, namely heels. She giggles, gets her dress up swagger on and we laugh thinking the boys would not enjoy this like we get too.

The sun is setting outside and we have 30 minutes left until we need to go home for the family campfire. She says, “Momma lets go see the cotton!” We find it just in time for the sunset to turn the crops into fields of bright white. Again, I am moved by the moment of seeing our sought after daughter from a far away land standing in that white field and I am reminded about the harvest. The seeds planted, the watering, the roots that take hold, the growth, and the crop that is produced that will be a blessing to many. She is that blessing. Adoption was a seed in our hearts that took root. It was watered by the heart of God and out of that watering many came to understand His mandate for the orphan. The miracle of her coming home was and is and will continue to be a blessing to many.

We drove home from the bright white field excited for this season of harvest and thankful that we took time to see God in the coffee shop, at the store, and in that field. Glimpses are everywhere of Gods goodness and I pray continually for eyes to see Him in the moments that pass by.

81. field of bright white cotton
82. cozy coffee shop dates
83. looking into her eyes in unbelief
84. campfires in the crisp air
85. sun setting to close out the day
86. laughter in the night time game of tag
87. her tiny hot chocolate cup held by her tiny hands
88. trying on shoe after shoe after shoe
89. taking in shots through the camera lens…moments I don’t want to forget
90. sharing/spilling popcorn up and down isles


One thought on “81. field of white

  1. Favorite post, Jen. I felt the tears welling. Molly is too precious for words, and I just love hearing about your date. Those pictures of her in the cotton field need to be blown up and framed. She is gorgeous inside and out. I just love all of it!! Miss you and your family.


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