snow sick

The weather promised a snowy day and the Howells were ready to pull up the snow pants, climb in the boots, and find miss matched gloves in a hurry. I rolled over in bed to pull open the blinds. One of the few things that will get this Momma out of bed in a split second is with no contest…SNOW. A close second place would be crying babies, with third place going to the smell of bacon.

I found some layers, started the pot of coffee, put on the boiling water, and then barked orders at the family to get outside before the melt. We enjoyed as many flakes as we could for hours upon hours. Soaked clothes were thrown into the dryer over and over and the day proved to be a winter wonderland for some snow sick Alaskans.


One thought on “snow sick

  1. Awwww! Such great photos of such great kids! WOW we really have the snow this winter, Jen. You guys would love it. We'll have a snowball fight in your honor…soon!


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