because of her Birthmom, she has a birthday…

Its coming, the day we celebrate the birth of our daughter in South Korea. At the same time we remember the selfless choice of life Molly’s birthmom made in the midst of family instability, personal struggle, relational hardship, and pressures of society. She carried, took care of, and nurtured for 9 months a child she knew she could not raise.

When I think of the day our daughter was born, I think of stress, pain, hurt, loss of hope, and the need for help. I wonder about the moments she had with her baby. I read in Molly’s adoption records of conversations that were had with social workers from HOLT. The words that were spoken were full of courage and desire for a chance at a full life for this tiny baby. The Birthmomma held onto little baby girl bundle for hours before handing her over to the agency that would place the baby in our arms 9 months later. This child was loved for 9 months and a few hours by a courageous Birthmom. She was treasured by two devoted Foster families for her first 9 months of life. She was placed in our arms to love unconditionally for the rest of her life.

Thanks just doesn’t do it for the way we feel about the women who gave her such a strong, hopeful beginning. Here we are planning a 4th birthday with a baby who was born on the other side of the world and I am once again feeling honored that God placed her in our care for the rest of her story.

For His great fame and because He first adopted us, Happy Birthday Molly Ra-hui Howell. You are a picture of Christ and the hope he offers to us. Well done dear Birthmomma for the life you gave, the hope you had, and the humility it took to walk through your pregnancy alone. You are not forgotten and we find sweet joy in honoring you with every birthday that we celebrate.


2 thoughts on “because of her Birthmom, she has a birthday…

  1. Wiping away the tears…you have such a wonderful way with words, Jen. God has given you a huge heart that gives Glory to Him as you live life. I love all 6 of you Howells!


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