“When you are holding everything with your hand open, then God is free to exchange His better for your good without so much pain in the transition.” Angela Thomas/A Beautiful Offering (Returning God’s love with your life.)

As a child, swings made me feel closer to God. I remember playground recess like it was yesterday. Taking my frustrations out on the tether ball game, twirling around and flipping off of the bars, waiting in line for an open swing to let go of troubles. There was something about going up….that allowed my heart to be free and open and refreshed by my God as a young girl. Like an open hand offering the days moments which were not always great for something much better from Him. For me the better was always hope and the transition was easier with an open hand than a clinched fist. I pray that for my children as they grow and discover that God’s ways are indeed higher and trustworthy and filled with hope. As they swing closer, God give them humility to live with hands open.


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