double digits!

Little Keat is not so little any more…his feet are bigger than mine and he is nearly my height! Where have the days, years, and moments gone? Keaton continues to be a tender hearted young man who has loads of creativity and energy. We are blessed by you sweet son and the laughter you bring to our family. My favorite highlight from this year is the night when I came upstairs to say good night and pray for you guys and you were reading my Grandmothers daily devotional. A book that was passed down from my Mother to me with the name Virginia engraved on the front cover. It was folded over the edge of your bunkbed with pages marked. I asked you if you liked reading it and you said, “I’ve read the whole thing. I started a long time ago.”

You are an avid reader with a head exploding with knowledge about anything and everything. This night I learned that you had already gone through the entire years worth of scripture and thoughts from each day..something I have never accomplished.

My heart is full to know that you Keaton Kraigary Howell are interested in the things of God. Here’s to many more years of you growing into a young man after the heart of God and here is to me, learning from your diligence, desire, and hope you find in taking in the truth of God’s word. Thank you son for teaching me. You are LOVED Mr. 10 year old.


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