home school swagger…

It happens each spring. Cabin/Schoolhouse fever. September, October, November start off with such creativity, energy, motivation and intentionality. Everything is smooth, well planned and organized. Handwriting is at its finest. Patience is thick and generous. Inspiration overfloweth from the 7th, 4th, 2nd, and preschool students. Books are illustrated, wrote, then typed, edited, and printed.

We run hard and strong until Dec 1 when we string up the lights that blink psychedelic and consume unhealthy amounts of green and red construction paper paired with bottles of Elmer’s glue and piles of glitter to get into the full holiday spirit. We make it through Dec with crafts and paint every day and manage to fit in our subjects between armfuls of good reads in tents, on couches and in window seats.

Our school swagger swag turns to a limp in Jan and Feb. It just does in all honesty…get tough to do all the roles God has trusted me with well and with great joy.

We get back into our grove come early March when our eyes begin to see the hope of spring and the promise of summer we jump back on board and hustle with fresh urgency and accountability to accomplish what we set out to do from day 1.

I remind myself daily that we home school our family not to look just like a public school, or a really unique home school, or a super trendy family, but because God has given us peace in being the primary influence rs in both faith and academics for now. For us they all blend together. So on this March midweek morning when my eyes caught a glimpse of green buds popping on trees in the backyard woods my heart skipped a beat and in stepped fresh love for teaching and fostering a love for learning.

This day I went up to schoolroom and wasn’t feeling it. I grabbed books, poems, markers, glue, scissors, flashcards, veggie tales Bible, memory verses, and tossed them in a shoe box and gathered my little students for “school in a box” on location. They loved it. Just downstairs, not up. A small bundle of fun, not piles of possibilities.

With our focus on creation and the promise of a new season, namely SPRING their hearts were full and my attention was not on getting school done but being with them.

God help me to stay out of the rut with the gifts we call children and the passion you have given me/us to pour into them daily even with our failings and especially when our swagger turns to a limp!


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