on making peace…

The peace I find in the space we call the outdoors is something I wish I could transfer into my reality. Peace in my family, my marriage, my serving, my desires, sounds so glorious. Yet at any given moment I and maybe you are too, pulled into the sin trap of straying from making peace for whatever reasons or excuses. I know the truth that Jesus taught and the hard but beautiful reality is to belong to the family of God I need to be humble enough to extend grace and become a student of peacemaking. Its hard and I’m terrible at it mostly because once my feelings are shattered and trust is lost and the bridge has been broken…my guard goes up, stays up and becomes tough as nails. Lord, I desire you in me because me is not so great at allowing peace when I am not standing in the middle of the woods, on the top of a mountain or at the waters edge of the ocean. Help!

“Peacemakers. they bear the family likeness. They begin to look and act like God. After a while, they can begin to sound like Him, and even strangers will know the difference. Jesus said that your life is a beautiful offering when you are a peacemaker, then you look like you belong to the family of God.”
Angela Thomas


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