Uninterrupted Possibilities

He sent me a text message…”Go to Kroger and pick out your favorite snacks.” I respond with, “For us, or for me?”. Hmmmm, I try to call him and he doesn’t answer. Instead I get another text message that reads, “Lets not talk, lets keep texting…its more mysterious that way.” Hahhaha. I laugh and reply with, “If you have something sweet and romantic up your sleeve then I want to hear your voice.” He insists with another message that reads, “You have 30 minutes to be get snacks and come home.” I arrive home with my trusty snacks of choice. Harry and David Dark Chocolate popcorn and a bag of Linden truffles. When I get home, my suitcase was layed out and instructions were given. “Gather all the books, projects, blogging necessities, and anything else you’ve been wanting to do but don’t have time for and load up your bag.”

I am getting really excited and as I make piles of books, magazines, Bible Studies, photo cards, and computer essentials. I grab the ipod, headphones and journal with pens. I toss in the family quote journal to flip through and remember. I asked him several times, “Are you coming with me?” His answer was always no.

I am thinking to myself…Am I getting a personal retreat?! I’ve joked for years about a blogging or reading retreat. Just the thought makes me wide eyed and causes my heart to race with the uninterrupted possibilities to refresh my heart, refocus my mind, and gain some insight and rest. It happened. He loaded my suitcase into the van along with all the kids and they drove me about 5 miles down the road to a new hotel. He kisses me goodbye and I’m crying. He says goodbye and to enjoy 16 hours to myself in honor of 16 years! I check in to the hotel. I just couldn’t believe it. Would I like this being all alone? Should I call some girls to join me? Surely Kris will come over later….

I open the door to this fabulous flat style suite (thanks to a friend who works there she was able to give us a sweet friends and family deal). Slide in my card, open door, lock it, and sit down on couch. For one hour I sat in the stillness and silence. Amazing. I got up, unpacked my stash of fun stuff to do and mapped out the next 15 hours.
To Do:Read Book
Do weeks worth of Bible Study “For Women Only”
Upload months worth of family pics
Edit those pics
Write down funny sayings in quote journal
Watch HGTV (a treat since we don’t do cable)
Catch up on loads of blog posts
Eat Chocolate
Read Newspaper? I never do that.
Drink Dr. Pepper out of 1/2 liter bottle.
Listen to entire Passion 2012 album
Pray, Listen, Pray, Listen. I rarely do the listening part.
Read entire new Real Simple mag that came in the mail.
Sleep by midnight.
Up at 6 am. Thanks to the horn of a Semi.
Down to breakfast.
Back up to my space for quiet time.
Journal some more.
Begin process of printing this blog.
Loaded, edited, and ordered vol. 1 book 1 of Nighthowells!
Family arrives at noon.
Best $ he could ever spend for me!


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