All Too Quickly

Its true…..that statement that other Moms tell you about your own kids. You know the “Enjoy them while you can because soon they will be all grown up” phrase? I’ve grown to embrace that reality. Maybe it was tougher when they were all little ones at my feet. Maybe I actually wanted the growing to hurry up so I could find myself out of that age or forbidden stage. My identity of being a Mother to 4 young kids has changed all too quickly. It feels like we went from baby Molly,
4 year old Peyton, Keaton at 6, and Zdog was just 9. Don’t quote me, but I just may want to hit the pause button.

I love where we are right now and even though with age comes independence…there is more of a need for directing their hearts to Christ. Our walk on the  beach last night reminded me that each passing year brings new challenges in parenting, discipline, and discipleship. The desire to lead them to a stronger hope, deeper faith, and together family times can be overwhelming. Thankfully the Lord is teaching me to find joy as they mature, and He gives me patience when the process feels all too slow. I don’t want to rush our children to 18. I want to give all that we can because one day all too soon, they too will be leading families, having hard talks about how to be set apart from this world, and taking road trips to the beach where the toots are rated by their explosive powers.


One thought on “All Too Quickly

  1. Ohhhhh Friend.


    Sometimes, I feel as though I cannot breathe when I suddenly see my older ones with “objective” eyes. I love where we're at, but I also miss where we were. I look forward to where we're going, and yet want to freeze-frame now. I pray I'm making the most of every day, every moment. It's all such a beautiful, fleeting, yet full gift.


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