Classic Summertime

Pages of summer blow in the breeze. A childhood classic sits on the back porch, cover folded over looking very comfortable fresh from the small hands of my almost 3rd grade boy. Strands of string lay in order and firmly taped on counters and tables where fingers weave and tangle into another summer classic – the friendship bracelet.

Puzzles are pieced together but not without time and patience and each other. Dinners are served poolside with green as our backdrop, water below, and the songs of birds around. Basketballs are busily in use with boys who dribble, shoot, pass, and work at their game. The family mini van parks in the church lot with jams coming from every door and window. The six of us throwing frisbees at sundown and still taking in the months of summer.

 Each night when the sky begins to turn shades of pink and orange we take our “sunset walk”. The sweetness of another summer day sets. In its setting we are thankful for the day given to us. Looking back at the sky darkening on our way back home we talk, dream, and hope our God has found us faithful with each other, with the day closing, and find wonder that the sun will rise again. These days of summer are numbered, but not without the memories of hands both big and small finding joy in moments of summertime classics.


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