Hot Date

A trip to the west coast was the perfect break that my heart needed. During our OR. and WA. visits, Kris an I squeezed in a 2 day date in Seattle! The fresh air, Pacific Ocean, Markets of fish, northern landscape (mountains), and hours of time together was such a  treat. He took me to the Space Needle for dinner and the view was fantastic. The combination of city/ocean/mountains was such a gift for this girl. I am learning with each passing year, that being outdoors in creation fills me with peace. God speaks clearly to me in beauty and my spirit can breath deep and settle into His sovereignty for our marriage, children, parenting, ministry, hopes, fears, failings, and plans. We walked the streets of Seattle with each other and umbrella in tow.

They paint the trees downtown. This month Blue…for Autism Awareness.

Lunch for 2…where we captured our craving for fresh Seafood Lasagna!


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