airplane poetry

Na’s (DiaNAs) New Umbrella

Ryan girls are trained from the start
To seek one thing with all their heart

Pursue riches, power, or fame?
Not a part of the Ryan game

The supreme goal in all their life
You gotta be a Godly wife

Tiny hands set the table
Laura made sure her girls were able

Any man if he is smart
Would find homemade bread a work of art

Girls don’t fear, we’ll find Mr. Right
Trust you parents and just hold tight

Under our umbrella you will find
Love & care like no other kind

Courtship cassettes, no talk about dating
Whats a girl to do while she is waiting?

The boys soon came and then they fled
Interviews with Tom, they would dread

Na often worried and even prayed
“Please Dear Lord, Don’t make me an Old Maid!”

Sisters weddings came and went
All the good boys must be spent

You were gonna need a special fella
To take the place of Dad’s umbrella

 Just when you thought your hope was done
 In walked your Prince Stephen Anderson

             You were grilled by Tom, endured his test
             Surely you know it was for the best

             Your prize awaits she is such a treasure
             She loves our God beyond all measure

             The Lord Bless you on this special day
             Two became one on the 20th of May

Kris and I got our poetry on while on a flight to Seattle to be with this beautiful Bride. What an honor and a joy to see  patience and trust in waiting come together with such blessing. We love ya’ll.


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